3. Attention to expectant mothers
Attention to expectant mothers

Attention to expectant mothers

The coronavirus also targets pregnant women.


The coronavirus also targets pregnant women. Internal Medicine Specialist, who made evaluations on the subject. Seyhan Anıl said, “Pregnant women may have mild cases such as fever, muscle pain, fatigue, sore throat and cough as well as severe cases of Kovid-19 such as pneumonia, respiratory distress, and multiple organ failure. Therefore, when there is any doubt, expectant mothers should apply to the health institution ”.

Doctor Anil, who advises expectant mothers, said, “Instead of constantly watching the news of the epidemic, expectant mothers should be busy with other issues that do not cause stress. In addition, when there are symptoms such as fever, widespread body pain, nasal congestion, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, and cough, I recommend that they consult a physician without delay ”.



Stating that there is no evidence that the risk of miscarriage has increased in those who had Kovid-19 during pregnancy, Anıl said, “Expectant mothers should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. They should be fed with foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. They can consume herbal teas and vitamins recommended by the physician. They should wear their masks regularly when necessary and they should not enter crowded environments too much. In environments with a certain number of people socially, they should pay attention to a distance of 1.5 m and demand that the people in front of them wear masks. Pregnant women should go to obstetrician visits regularly. They should be especially careful in the first trimester of pregnancy. Half an hour of walking is recommended, paying attention to seasonal changes. Hand cleaning should be paid attention to ”he said.


Advising expectant mothers who are infected with the virus, Anıl said, “Expectant mothers with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic respiratory diseases and weak immune system should pay more attention. Since the natural course of the disease in pregnant women who have undergone Kovid-19, the possible effects on the mother and baby and the course of pregnancy are not fully known, more care should be taken in controls and follow-ups, regular gynecologist control should not be neglected. Pregnancy process, development of the baby in the mother's womb, and anatomy should be followed closely during follow-up. The infected pregnant woman should drink plenty of water, consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, and consume foods that strengthen the immune system. General information and observations are that Kovid-19 disease is usually mild or moderate in pregnant women. Sick pregnant women are generally isolated and followed up at home.”


Noting that the infected mother candidate should not use the drugs that Covid patients should use, Anıl said, “Some of the drugs given to patients with Kovid-19 should not be used in pregnant women or should be used with caution. According to the severity and severity of the disease, Kovid-19 treatment should be done under the control of the physician and with their recommendations. "Since the vaccines developed for Kovid-19 disease are not studied on pregnant women, the issue of vaccination in pregnant women is uncertain and is still not recommended". Anıl said, "Although we have not shown a significant effect of the covid infection on the baby, we do not have clear data yet," said Anıl, saying, “After the infection, the gynecology follow-up and the organ development of the baby should be carefully evaluated. "Both maternal and infant mortality rates are high in cases with severe pneumonia (pneumonia)." Expressing that pregnancy is a fragile period due to its general nature and changes in hormones, Anıl said, “As in other parts of the society, pregnant women also have a fear of infection and a new unknown disease. In addition, risks to baby health raise concerns. Virus news take place intensively in press organs and social communication networks. We observe that the fears and worries of expectant mothers increase during pregnancy, which is a delicate period due to its nature. In this difficult pandemic period, pregnant women should be given the necessary social and psychological support, and we should approach their concerns with understanding. Pregnant women should be given information about disease prevention, ”he concluded his words.