3. Water consumption has increased
Water consumption has increased

Water consumption has increased

Turkey pandemic in the process of selling bottled water has increased with the increase in circulation around 70 percent worldwide. Carboy used for a long time threatens health. For this reason, demijohns with production dates on them started to be followed with a square code.


With the curfew restrictions that started with the coronavirus process, there was an increase in water consumption when people stayed at their homes. Carboy water sales in Konya have increased by 70 percent since March, while the number of dealers selling carboy water has also increased. With the increase in circulation, companies started to try different methods in order to follow the 70 fillings, which is the life time of the carboys. The demijohns, in which the production date was written, started to be tracked electronically by some companies with square code.



Stating that water sales were active during the pandemic period, Baksan Energy Limited Company General Manager Atilla Işık said, “According to the system determined by the state, the life of a carboy is 5 years. As Baksan Enerji, we have not passed the data matrix system yet. It is obligatory to write a production date on the carboy, and the production date is written on each demijohn. During the coronavirus epidemic, our water sales were very active. As Baksan Energy, we keep products such as pit energy drink, Pınar water, Turkmen water, sparkling beverage group, and turnips. Our food and beverage groups were very active 6-7 months ago. The fact that there is currently a curfew on the weekend did not cause the intensity of the pandemic as it was in the early days. There was an increase of around 10 percent above our normal turnover. It does not smell when used in an original carboy, but it can smell after 5-6 years. That is why our state wanted to prevent it, ”he said.



Stating that when water consumption increased during the pandemic period, the number of dealers increased in many places, Atilla Işık said, “For example, we normally work with 7 dealers and currently work with 9 dealers. During the pandemic period, there was an increase in the turnover of our dealers. Summer is the most busy periods for us. Our water sales increase by 55 percent in the summer. We send the empty carboy we buy from our customers to the factory. It goes to single filling. The system works in the factory as follows: First, they look at the history of the carboy. When they have five years, it is scrapped. If five years have not passed, the system automatically treats the disinfectant. It starts filling after the disinfectant is made. As Konya region, we sell water between 380 and 400 daily in Turkmen water. In the current system, this figure increased by around 12 percent during the pandemic period, ”he said.